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Chapter 16

  • " what do you think of the new lawyer Mel" Natalie asked.
  • " I know you make good choices Mrs Hunter" Melvin replied.
  • Natalie  and Melvin walked side by side discussing  business. It's been a while since Nat and Mel had had a mother to son conversation and  It killed Nat bit by bit watching her son dive into the dept of life, shutting out every evidence of life bit by bit.
  • She couldn't resist the urge to stare at him and she smiled each time.
  • "It is a step ahead, Melvin attended a function, it is a great step ahead" she thought.
  • While they were discussing, Melvin sighted Louisa wandering around, he watched her simply styled blonde hair bounce behind her, then drifted to the sync of her butt to the movement of her pace. The ruffles of her dress gently caressed by the wind, lifting it up slightly to expose her perfect straight legs.
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