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Chapter 24

  • "Why is it that girl!!, Who the heck is she? I need to know find out more about her" Louisa muttered as she plodded down the stairs and headed to her car. 
  • Earlier on, after trailing Melvin to the hospital, she hid behind a huge waste bin. Her eyes were covered with a very dark shade and around her head she wrapped a big scarf that exposed only a small  part of her head. 
  • She wore a black coloured nose mask and was sure to leave her bag in the car, she knew she shouldn't be doing it , she could be seen by anyone or even angry fans.
  • From behind the trash can,she saw Melvin lifting Louisa's head and patting her gently, while Natalie smiled mildly. unable to stand the scene she trudged out angrily.
  • She placed her head on the wheel,while the hospital scenes played before her minds eye like a cinema.
  • "Natalie has never smiled at me that way, she has hated me right from time, but now she smiles at her, what did I ever do to earn hatred from her?" She muttered and angrily drove off.
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