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Chapter 18

  • The buzz of her alarm clock jolted Louisa out of her unending sleep, Chloe had told her to go relax at home since she would be resuming her new job almost immediately instead of staying at the hospital with them.
  • "Damn it Louisa!, When would you learn " she scolded herself.
  • She dashed to the bathroom and dashed out almost almost immediately like a flash, as usual she rummaged through her closet so find a suitable cloth but kept changing in and out of dresses till she finally decided to go  with a white long pleated skirt over a brown long sleeve high neck top.
  • She pulled out her very dusty leather shoes ,cleaned it  and hopped into it then proceeded to her mirror to bind her hair up Inti her usual ponytail style.
  • She  ran to the kitchen grabbed few things she could hurriedly , grabbed her bag and plunged out, running, walking and almost hopping down the road to get a cab.
  • After seven trials, she forced her way into a cab among several competitors and in no time was at the hospital.she couldn't cut off her visit to the hospital as she had promised Danna she will bring her fewof her stuff an some of her favorite snack.
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