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Chapter 25

  • Scarlett walked hurriedly towards her buzzing phone, she rummage her  bed ,lifting and scrambling her shit in search of her mobile phone.
  • "There you are" she whispered and picked it up.
  • Scarlett had drunk her self to stupor the previous night after been threatned by her company if she failed to report in to the studio for recording. On getting home she once again repeatedly dialed the anonymous number but all to know avail, dejected and miserable she visited her home stocked mini bar and drowned herself in pool of alcohol.
  • "Hello, who is on the line" she asked.
  • "Hey, Scarlett it I Alexis I think I have found a solution our plight"  Alexis blotted .
  • " Alexis why did u call me, I  thought we said we will stick strictly to text. Is Jenny not close?"
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