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Chapter 6 I Didn’t Bed You

  • Joanne’s lips trembled as she panicked. “Please hear me out. It’s not what you think.” Engulfed in anxiety, she tried to come up with an excuse. “It’s Lucas who keeps pestering me. I don’t love him at all.”
  • Jocelyn put down the cup and turned to look at Joanne, who was pretending to be aggrieved. “Lucas has never pestered you.” She put on a serious expression as she knew that it was Joanne who seduced Lucas to take revenge on her. “It was you—”
  • “Jocelyn, I know that you’re trying to snatch my fiancé from me because you’ve found out that Lucas loves me, not you. However, that doesn’t mean you should cheat on Lucas.” Joanne covered her mouth and feigned sorrow as she interrupted Jocelyn.
  • While Sebastian frowned upon hearing that, Jocelyn sneered because she knew that it was Joanne’s usual tactic to pretend to be innocent and weak to distort the facts. “Gee, the room stinks! I have nothing to say to a repulsive person like you. Get out now. I have to tell someone to sanitize the room later.”
  • Jocelyn didn’t want to explain herself, nor did she care how Sebastian would react after finding out her true intention. They had nothing to do with each other, and she was used to everyone having all sorts of misconceptions about her, so she didn’t care whether Sebastian was one of them.
  • “Jocelyn, how dare you scold me! Sebastian, did you see that? She’s a two-timing—”
  • “Get out if you two want to argue.” Sebastian pinched his glabella and turned around.
  • Instantly, Joanne kept her mouth shut and wondered if Sebastian found her annoying.
  • “Sebastian, even though she’s my sister, I’ll never help her cover up her wrongdoings. She’s been reckless since she was young.” As Joanne spoke, she dragged Jocelyn out of the room. “You can’t do this to our family. You’re embarrassing us!”
  • Before Jocelyn could refute her, Joanne leaned close to her and spoke in a voice only they could hear. “If you dare destroy my engagement, I’ll never let you off!” Her tone was bitingly horrifying.
  • Nevertheless, Jocelyn pushed her away and slammed the door, shutting out the disgusting woman. She had witnessed countless times how two-faced Joanne could be, so she was no longer afraid of her.
  • Hearing no more noise from outside, Jocelyn decided to put on her clothes and leave the place. Just then, Sebastian clenched her waist and pressed her against the wall. “How could you leave just like this after bedding me, hmm?” Then, he pressed his hand against the wall and pulled her into his embrace with his other hand.
  • With such a short distance between them, Jocelyn could smell the minty scent wafting from his body, causing her to go limp. “I didn’t bed you.” Upon realizing that she was unable to push him away, she threw her hands in the air. “I only slept next to you while hugging you. I didn’t do anything.”
  • Hearing that, Sebastian inched closer to her. Faced with his dominance and masculinity, Jocelyn felt that she could hardly breathe.
  • Since she had managed to make Joanne blow her top, and Sebastian was going to call off the engagement, Jocelyn figured she had completed her mission. However, she was now confined to his embrace, and she was unable to struggle out of his grip no matter how hard she tried. Furthermore, she could sense that he was displeased. “Sebastian, it’s Monday; I have classes to attend,” she pleaded.
  • “Oh? Why did you go to a bar and climb onto my bed last night, then?” Sebastian lifted her chin, forcing her to face him. “I thought you’d forgotten the fact that you’re still a university student.”
  • Jocelyn forced a smile before putting on an aggrieved expression.
  • “Since you have the guts to do just anything, being late to class probably doesn’t matter to you.” Sebastian clenched her waist. “Why don’t we continue what we hadn’t managed to do last night?”
  • Jocelyn’s chest tightened. No, no, no! Seeing that he was leaning closer to her, she screamed in shock and crouched down. After that, she crawled out from between his legs and dashed out of the room.
  • When Sebastian realized that she was gone, he was startled for a moment as he stared at the wall. This little wild cat...