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  • Jett was gently massaging her wrists. The warm water was easing her soreness a little. His mouth was on the top of her head. She was still a bit mad from her last punishment but she felt content having him in the tub with her. She was leaning on his chest. Her body was between his long and muscular legs.
  • "You are lucky that before I almost beaten that Chad to death he was able to tell me the truth but I still don't like it!"  He suddenly gripped her chin to turn her face  a little and raised it so he could look at her.
  • “Aw! Will you stop that!”
  • She was back to being feisty since her punishments were over and done with. She won’t let him manhandle her again.
  • "Why did you agree to pretend being a couple?! I could have wrung your neck when you told me that you already have a new boyfriend because you broke up with me!" He was angry again after being sweet and gentle a while ago.
  • "If you won't let me go you will really break my neck!"  She complained.
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