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  • She was seeing red right now! Jett was talking to two females. One was his cousin Brenda and the other one was Margaux. The latter’s arms were around her womanizing man’s bicep.
  • She moved forward so he could hear her. The gazebo wasn’t that far from the pathway.
  • "JETT!" she called.
  • The last thing she wanted to do was call him by their endearment. The three of them turned to her. Jett's cousin frowned slightly.
  • "Love?" His tone was really surprised.
  • He hurriedly removed Margaux’s arms around him and as expected her looked really worried. His forehead creased. The female rattlesnake named Margaux got the nerve to look angrily at her. She tried  hard not to show a painful expression but she was hurting big time. She could think of multiple ways on how to get back at these two but she had to keep  her composure. She was too pretty  for the  kind of scenes she was imagining doing to Jett and Margaux. It would be too bloody and she didn’t want to ruin her white dress.   She then just jutted her chin.  
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