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  • She tried to be free from him but she couldn't even budge him.He was all muscles. She was annoyed with herself. She should be angry with him but her body was reacting just the opposite.
  • His tongue was continuously attacking her mouth savagely. It was a mixture of anger and l*st. She couldn’t stop a moan because he smelled so good. She protested when he raised his lips from hers. He was breathing through his mouth and his half slits eyes were very dark.
  • "I don't want to hear you saying anything like that ever again! Every part of you is mine and no one can change that! NOT EVEN YOU!!!" he rasped. His face was almost touching hers.
  • She shut her eyes when he removed his hand on her jaw to rip her bikini.
  • "L-Love, please...not like this..". It was supposed to be a protest but it sounded seductive and too husky.
  • ShitAshley! You sounded like his wh*re! She scolded herself.
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