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  • Jett could be violent when he was jealous but very sweet when things went the way he wanted them to be. He was thoughtful and respectful to her family so she wasn’t surprised when her mom and dad allowed her to go overnight with him to Luis and Rina’s wedding venue. Jett himself even asked her mother to let her sister Andrea come with them but unfortunately she couldn’t .What he did made her parents trust him more. He told her mother that he would take good care of her and would keep her from any harm which made her mother liked him more for her. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling. He of course didn’t tell her mother that he would keep men away from her.
  • They were now on their way to the wedding venue. He had her hand in his and he kissed it very often and threw her a glance with a sexy grin.
  • "Stop doing that, Love. We can’t pull over and do it in the car. It’s obvious that your
  • massive thing is reacting. “ she said with a teasing smile.
  • He turned sideways to look at her while smiling naughtily.
  • "Hmm…we'll see, Love. If I can no longer control myself maybe a quickie  here isn't so bad. The windows are heavily tinted and we will be passing by rice fields so no problem.".
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