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  • (Ashley’s POV)
  • She heard someone called her name so she turned only to be dumbfounded. It’s Dorky’s cousin! He was all smiles as he walked to her. She had the sudden desire to turn away from him because Jett was coming anytime.
  • "Hi Ash! It must be my lucky day. I just came back from Macau. Can we finally do the photo shoot? I’m sure your schedule is not as tight as last time? " He said with a boyish smile.
  • "C-Chad..hmm.. I can't....I don't think..."
  • "It's okay. We can have it whenever you’re ready. I can wait.” He moved forward to see her closer.
  • She froze when she heard a familiar voice cursed. She turned and saw how red Jett's face was .His nostrils were flaring and he was looking at Chad as if wanting to kill him right here at this moment.
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