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Chapter 27 Nightmare Man - 23

  • Once I had everything prepared as I’d have it. I spent the afternoon at work. Studying the bodies of the men around me. Watching how they moved. Appreciating their builds and letting my mind wander to thoughts of them laying me back on the desk and me wrapping my legs around them while they bucked into me.
  • Or tipping them over onto the floor while I rode them as if they were a bull in some stupid western bar.
  • When I was sure my thoughts had me dripping under my skirt I went to my car. Told the two attorneys that filled in for me that I was leaving early for the day.
  • They gave me a stunned look but didn’t object.
  • I parked a bit further from my house and walked slowly, purposefully from my car. Briefcase in hand. When I dared glance over to the Thomas house, I found him emerging from his front door. Lifting his nose slightly before lowering his head and staring at me purposefully.
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