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Chapter 31 A Twisted Satyr - 1

  • I knew I was dreaming of Chris again. I hated that. Alex deserved better, but I couldn’t seem to stop them. Every so often they came back to haunt me. I knew it was because Chris and I had been highs school sweethearts and because he was the first guy I was ever with.
  • The one I thought I’d love forever.
  • It was a summer day and we were walking down the sidewalk hand in hand. Every time he turned his head, that dark curl would fall over his forehead. And he’d flash that wide grin like it was the light on a camera. I could still smell his body wash and feel his energy like a presence with me in that moment.
  • Feeling like I could smell him. Feel the heat of his body next to mine.
  • Then it was suddenly dark, the light doused, and I felt his touch running between my breasts and down my belly. Caressing my inner thighs and slipping them up to rub along my slit with his thumbs in an expert manner. Applying delicious pleasure. His hands growing increasingly aggressive.
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