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Chapter 22 Nightmare Man - 18

  • He was right. He was already fully inside.
  • I’d already stretched to accept his body into mine as well as the shape of the toy still lodged in me. But my earlier relief for the toy rather than his massive width waned as I feared I wouldn’t be able to endure this as long as it’d take him to finish.
  • I shook my head adamantly. Squinting my eyes closed because they felt ready to bulge from my skull from the raging sensations inside me. Like raw nerve endings were exposed. Clawed at by the vibrating motions deep in my ass, only enhanced as the tissue between he and that, were thinned by his rhythmic entering and leaving my body with his solid, bark-like member.
  • “Aah…” I screamed. Unsure once more if it was the pleasure or the pain making me shriek. I pounded the bedding with my fists, unable to escape the overstimulation. My nipples had hardened to tiny pebbles, and I’d spread my legs wide for him trying to ease the pressure and give him room to work. But it’d only freed him to take more of me. Delving deeper and moaning louder in his infinite ecstasy.
  • “I’m not going to let you go tonight.” He told me. Murdering whatever futile hopes I’d had that maybe it would end any moment, he’d be done with me. Forgetting to even worry that he might not let me go at all.
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