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Chapter 14 Nightmare Man - 10

  • He paused long enough to lurch up more onto his knees and slide himself along the canyon between my large breasts. Moaning at the feel of soft skin rubbing along the sides and bottom.
  • He leaned over to spit slightly on my chest, then reached down to grab himself and rub along the lubricant until it was smeared.
  • I already knew where this was going. With large breasts I’d been asked for this more than once.
  • I was unsurprised when he eventually stretched both arms to palm the outer edges of my breasts as I suspected he would and pushed them together. Surrounding his bark-hard cock in my soft, moldable, tissue.
  • He tilted his head as he watched my face as he began to rock his hips forward and back into the opening between my ample breasts. His sack brushing along my sternum as he moved.
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