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Chapter 28 Nightmare Man - 24

  • I left him there. Speared through his shoulder and into my bed. Writhing and coughing in pain. I caught the hook of a wench I’d had hung in my basement.
  • With minimal questions asked, surprisingly.
  • I trotted up the stairs, letting it unravel with a metallic hiss and hooked it around one of his legs. Wrapping it as many times as the chains had folded my wrists. Then hooking it in on itself.
  • “What are you doing?” He sat up objecting. Reaching to tug at it.
  • I raced back downstairs and started the wench. Hearing the thunking as it dragged him around the corner from my bedroom, through the living room, through the kitchen and to the basement stairs. Things crashed, glass broke from his struggles and things he tried to latch onto, but I didn’t care.
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