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Chapter 29 The Wrong One - 1

  • 01 Spotting a Creature
  • I walked into the Ballroom and heard the sounds of tinkling crystal and murmuring voices come to a hard stop. All eyes turned to me curiously.
  • Like they always do.
  • Women watched me hungrily. Men studied me with contemptuous gazes. Hating when one such as I arrived at this manner of gala. Where young ladies of breeding were already far scarcer than the men hunting them.
  • But that's not the kind of woman I'm hunting tonight, anyway. I was looking for a creature a bit warmer.
  • I stepped from the darkness of the open mahogany entryway framed by two massive doors propped open. I took in the luminescence of hundreds of candles. Burning from the chandelier above to cast rainbows of light through the dangling shards of crystal adorning it. The scent of human sweat was dulled by the strong aroma of bird roasting in the kitchens with glazed vegetables and sweet scent of rare fruit along the tables.
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