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Chapter 8 BROTHER??

  • Netra:
  • Jeevith didn't say a word for some time. His silence scared me more. I don't know whether it's a concern for him or something else.
  • "Shall I ask you one thing?" Jeevith said.
  • "Tell me," I said.
  • "Do you love him?" Jeevith asked. Vikranth shocked at his question. I didn't because I know Jeevith is one among those people who always suspect the relationship of a girl and boy but can never understand it well.
  • "Yes!" I said.
  • Love! Does it just exist between a couple? Doesn't it exist between parents and children, siblings, friends, etc.?
  • "Bye!" Jeevith said, leaving the cabin, but stupid Vikranth stopped him.
  • "Jeevith, I am Netra's elder brother," Vikranth said.
  • "What did you say?"
  • "Yes! I am her brother, and we came to know that recently. Netra loves me because I am her brother. Please don't misunderstand her," Vikranth said.
  • "Vikranth, enough! No need to explain to him about our relationship. Let him go!" I said.
  • "Stop it, Netra! Jeevith is your husband. I don't like to be a reason behind your separation from your husband," Vikranth said.
  • "You are not the reason behind our separation. Jeevith's attitude is the reason. He doesn't have any trust in me or my character. He doubts me that I had an affair with Aryan and now he suspected that I am in love with you. If I move a bit closer to anyone, he just thinks that either I am in love with that person or have an affair with him. Still, he says he loves me. I can never accept such a person as my husband, who doubts my character for everything," I said.
  • "You are right, Netra. I too thought like everyone. But, today I understood that there are many things which I should learn from you. I accept that I am not perfect, but I want to be perfect for you. Just my possessiveness made me think in a wrong way about you. But it doesn't mean I don't trust you," Jeevith said.
  • "Netra, I agree I didn't understand you. But did you ever try to understand me? When my mom is in hospital, I called you many times. I am not like you to hide the emotions and show off that I don't want anyone. I needed your emotional support at that time. But, you didn't receive my call atleast once. Though you know that I lost my mom, you didn't try to console me at once. Because you feel that I might take advantage of you if show care for me. But no! I would think that I have someone in this world after my mom.
  • However, expecting this from you is wrong.
  • I know you too want to do all this for me but you won't because you want to show that Netra is emotionless. But, Netra is not emotionless. The flowers which I see every day on the tomb of my mom proves that. The letter which you sent asking me to be strong without any name confirms your care for me. Answer me, Netra!
  • Why were you doing all these? Why did you send quotations on my company's name to save my company from falling into trouble when I left the business after mom's death."
  • "I don't know what are you talking about. I didn't do all those things. I think you are confused," I said.
  • "Except Netra, no one will do such things hiding their identity. When treatment is going on for mom, relatives filed a case for property and didn't allow me to pay the fees for the treatment. But, suddenly the doctor said someone sent the money for mom's treatment but didn't want to reveal the identity. Who transferred lakhs of money for my mom? Who helped me to win the case of my property when I don't have a single penny to pay for the advocate? After doing all this, how can I think you love some else and not me? Tell me, Netra. What's stopping you from giving me one single chance? Where did I go wrong?" Jeevith asked hugging me.
  • I pushed him away.
  • "I don't love you. I didn't do anything. Prove me that it's me who did all these things," I said.
  • "Netra doesn't know to lie. Your eyes are saying that what all I said is true about you," Jeevith said.
  • "Jeevith, I will tell you why she is not ready to accept you. Because Netra is not a virgin," Vikranth said.
  • "Come on, Netra. Who will care for these things these days? That's okay. My love is not that fragile to fade, knowing that you are not a virgin. Anyways I love your thoughts, attitude, heart and what you are. Not your body," Jeevith said.
  • "She can't become a mother," Vikranth said.
  • "That's not a problem. You are enough for me. If you want, we will adopt a baby. For me, you are enough," Jeevith said.
  • "Jeevith, there's more about me which Vikranth too doesn't know," I said, hiding my tears.
  • "I don't want your past, Netra. I don't care about it. I love you, that's it," Jeevith said.
  • "Past is not important. What about the present? Do you know who I am? Do you know why am I living alone and not accepting any relationships?"
  • "Jeevith, you can't bear if I tell the truth. You will hate me once if you know who I am," I said.
  • "What is the truth that makes me hate you? You lived a life of prostitute for two years in the past. At present you are a mistress to the Central Home Minster Akshay, is it what you are talking about, Netra? Every weekend, you will spend with Akshay. Akshay, the one who loved and ruined you. He wants you to be all his forever, and you are forced to do what he wants you to do.
  • What is your mistake in this, Netra? Why do you think that I will hate you? Even after knowing all this, I am telling you I LOVE YOU," Jeevith said, giving me the biggest shock in my life.
  • How does he know everything about me? Why does he want to be with me when he knows about me?