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Chapter 26 I LOVE NETRA

  • Netra:
  • I asked Akshay to go out to take a rest. He went out, and I cried, breaking down at once.
  • I hate you, Akshay. You can never understand my feelings. Until now, you forced me to accept Jeevith just because I have married him. Now you made me divorce Jeevith as someone tried to blame me. When would you understand what my heart wants? Doesn't I have a right to choose a life partner? Until now, I thought only you could understand me, but now I hate you the most.
  • I cried a lot and then wiped off my tears and washed the face. I went to have lunch and pretended as if these incidents do not affect me. I observed Akshay's gaze at me with admiration and love.
  • I snapped my fingers at Akshay to make him angry because I know he is egoistic. However, he did not react in the way I expected and was calm and cool.
  • We went together to the press conference. The place was full of reporters. I know how excited people would be about the lives of others.
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