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  • Netra:
  • I have shifted to Jeevith's house. Jeevith is so happy with my decision. His brother's wife, the elder daughter in law of the house, told me the rules of the house and how a daughter in law should behave. I didn't say anything as I don't like anything that's happening. In the kitchen, I prepared tea for Jeevith and me, listening to his bhabhi's traditions lecture.
  • For a week, I became utterly silent. Jeevith tried to speak, and I just nodded to his words without extending the conversation. I lost my speed and interest. To be frank, I lost myself. I tried to call Akshay, but he ignored my calls. Many times I felt to cry, but I have controlled my tears as I don't want to lose in the game played by the fate once again with me. However, it's tough to stay here with the people I hate.
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