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  • Netra:
  • A month had been passed, and Gradually I understood that Jeevith is not that bad and I need to give a chance to this marriage. Marriage is not a thing that can be broken so easily. It is something beyond everything. If Jeevith is a rude or wrong person, I can choose Akshay over him. But here Jeevith is a good person. How can I break the marriage that easily? I decided to value the marriage.
  • I returned home sooner as my work was completed earlier today. I waited for Jeevith, but he didn't turn up though it's late. He came to the home at midnight. I opened the door with a smile, but he looked at me seriously.
  • What happened to this person suddenly? I just can't understand him.
  • "Do you need coffee or something?" I asked.
  • Jeevith didn't reply and went to his room.
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