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Her Broken Heart

Her Broken Heart


Last update: 2020-04-22

Chapter 1 Prologue

  • Dedicated to every girl who dreams high and makes constant efforts towards her goal.
  • Netra:
  • The dreams of my life are big for everyone around me. They seem impossible to everyone, but not to me. I believe that every person has the potential to achieve their goal, the moment they choose it as their goal.
  • When my vision is clear, and I am determined to risk, I can achieve it. Many may think I am overconfident, but I know even overconfidence can do good to us. Because being too confident makes us do the work in the best way than anyone else. I know what I am and where I am heading to reach my destiny.
  • I opened the curtains of the window in the room to let the rays of the Sun enter the room. Seeing the Sunrise in the early morning is my favorite, as I feel it as a reflection of positivity and hope. I smiled, imagining my success that's so far yet very near. Many times our success stands just a decision away, which we never dare as it's too risky. I feel taking no risk is the real risk. I smiled at my thoughts and signed the copy of the contract. It may be either the best or the worst decision of my life.
  • A leap of five years :
  • "Madam, the reporters have arrived for your interview," my PA Serena said to me.
  • "I am coming, Ms. Serena," I said.
  • I went to the press conference. Reporters sat in front of me, trying to get the answers for the secrets I hold onto.
  • "Ms. Netra, you are one of the topmost billionaires in India. You have no background and not an heiress of any richest or popular entrepreneur. How do you reach this status at the age of just 28?" The Forbes reporter questioned me.
  • "To become great, we need confidence and constant smart work. Not the background. Not money. Not anything else," I answered.
  • "Madam, though you are rich and a billionaire, you have never donated even a single penny towards any social service programs. Can you tell us why? Even the government framed a rule that every company must have Corporate Social Responsibility and must share a percentage of profits towards social service," another reporter asked me.
  • "Social Responsibility? I have a social responsibility. That's why I pay tax on time and never tried to evade the tax anytime, unlike many in our society," I answered, making their mouths shut.
  • To evade the tax, social service became a way for them. Social service is different from promoting themselves on social media through social service events. The one who intends to do good would do that from anywhere, in any situation, and to anyone. And never expects the publicity.
  • They do good to be called good. Image, Fame, and reputation are the most important things for an entrepreneur to be successful in the business. And social service is a way to achieve all those very easily. I hate such kind of person and mentalities.
  • "Madam, Jeevith sir called you," My PA said, giving my husband's call to me.
  • "Hello, Mr. Jeevith, what's up?" I asked, casually.
  • "Netra, I have a meeting in India today. I am coming there. Let us meet once so that we can file the divorce," Jeevith said.
  • "Sure!" I said, disconnecting the call.
  • Jeevith is the MD of Yentra Industries. He is a perfect businessman who knows how to make deals and make anyone say yes to his proposals. He is my rival in the business, but unexpectedly we became the life-partners. Though fate united us, our hearts can never meet ever. We decided to take the divorce and part the ways.