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Chapter 13: The lady

  • 6 days later
  • I came down from the car and walked into the hotel I lodged in, as always two security walked in front of me and two behind me. I was gradually getting used to that life and it was fucking awesome.
  • I had gone to almost all the places I would think of going in France and I was already exhausted. I did shopping, more shopping, I visited the beach, the museum, art gallery and so much more. It was a perfect experience, I didn’t have the time to become sad or annoyed. I ate whatever I wanted and a lot of eyes were always on me, I mingled more with a lot of hot, rich folks and mom Leona had been a lot of help and so had my family.
  • But that evening, I wasn’t feeling myself anymore. I walked straight to my room in a sour mood and quickly had a shower before I relaxed on the couch and watch some t.v. But that didn’t help me either, it had been 6 days straight since Jordan, my husband had left me on the alter. Yet he hadn’t showed up or texted or called or sent a message.
  • I was still me, I was still alone and the terrible feeling I felt back then resurfaced. My vacation was ruined and all I thought of was going back home. I stayed in my hotel room for as long as I could and just got tired of it. I got up and decided to find something pleasing to wear.
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