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Chapter 3 He's The Last Person I Want To See Right Now

  • I dashed to the canteen, knowing that everyone would have returned to class by now. As a result, it will be empty. I needed to be alone in order to think. Why was he doing this to me? Tears streamed down my face. I bury my head in the table, hoping no one will notice. I'm not gay, don't get me wrong. I can't possibly be that kind of person. But the way he kissed me was still playing over and over in my mind, and it was turning me on.. Fuck this groin, it's always getting up. He's a man, not a woman.
  • But it wouldn't listen, so I kept laying my head down, and before I knew it, I drifted off to sleep.
  • 'Wake up,' Someone called out to me, 'Johan.' When I finally opened my eyes, I saw Eva. She continued to yell my name. 'Wake up, and tell me where you've been.' I glanced at her as I slowly opened my eyes. I asked, raising my head from the table. 'Has class ended yet?'
  • 'Yes, courses have ended, and we are now closed. I've looked all around the school for you.' She whined.
  • 'I'm sorry, where are the others?' I asked, my eyes still closed. I'm still feeling drowsy.
  • They're all waiting expect for Charlotte at the school gate; and she is looking for you as well?' She murmured this while resting her hands on her hips.
  • I stood up and stated. 'All right, Eva, let's go.' I began walking, and she quickly followed.
  • 'Are you all right?' she inquired, her gaze falling on my face.
  • 'I'm OK. Why, do you ask?' I replied, 'Because this is the first time I've seen you like this, you look sad.' Was I really that obvious?
  • 'Sad,' I said, laughing. 'No way, I've always been this way, and it's always been this way whenever Charlotte and I got into a fight,' I responded, attempting to disprove her.
  • 'No, I'm not joking. Even if you and Charlotte had a fight, this is the first time. You don't appear to be like this at all. Yes, you attempt to reconcile your differences with Charlotte. But you don't look like this; you're different, and you appear to have been hurt...'
  • 'Johan,' Charlotte screamed, interrupting Eva. Charlotte arrived on time. Thank goodness.
  • I'm not in the mood to answer queries right now. I simply want it to be between me and myself. That's the way it should be.
  • 'I've been looking for you all around, Johan. 'Where have you been?' she inquired, concerned.
  • 'I'm OK, baby,' I say. Don't worry about me; I was in the canteen and so I had slept off. I'm sorry, OK.' I drew her close to me and hugged her. I felt good hugging her since I could forget about my difficulties for a moment with her at my side.
  • 'OK, text me next time or call me. So I will know where to look for you. I was concerned about you, Johan,' She mumbled under her breath as she hugged me. 'Don't be,' I said, chuckling. 'It's not like I've been kidnapped or anything, darling; I'm still here.' I mumbled something, and she backed away from me, taking my hand in hers, and we began walking.
  • 'You should have informed me, Eva, that you discovered him.' She muttered something. 'I'm sorry, I only spotted him a few minutes before you noticed us,' Eva stated.
  • 'All right, no issue.' 'Let's go to karaoke,' She yelled.
  • 'Huh.' I mentioned that at the same time as Eva.
  • 'What was that, you don't like it?' Charlotte was the one who inquired.
  • 'I like it, but it's not enjoyable,' Eva explained.
  • 'It's also noisy.' My ear drums almost came off the last time I went there?' I groaned and said.
  • 'It's because you were still a child at the time.' Come on, let's get this party started. Isn't it going to be a blast? Everyone's going, and Haru is going to be there?' She exclaimed cheerfully.
  • I got dumbfounded. 'Haru?' I grumbled.
  • 'Yes, he'll be there as well.' He came to the last party we went to, and he said he'd come to this one as well?' She gave an explanation.
  • Haru, I didn't realize he was also going to be there. Right now, he's the last person I want to see.
  • This is terrible; what kind of luck is this? Do you mean I have to go karaoke? Haru is also going to be there.
  • If I say I'm not going, Charlotte will bug me mercilessly, and if I say I'm going, I'll end up meeting Haru.
  • What the hell, should I do now?