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Does Love Ever Come To An End

Does Love Ever Come To An End

Elena Titania

Last update: 2022-07-20

Chapter 1 How It All Started

  • "I love you,' he says. He held my face and kissed me on the lips deeply. 'I love you as well.' When he pulled away from the kiss, I responded. His eyes were filled with sadness and love. What went wrong, and why do I feel like this is the last time I'll see him? He sighed as he rested his brow on my head.
  • 'What is it, Haru?' Something is definitely wrong, I inquired. It's there in my bones. 'There isn't anything, Johan.' He smiled at me. Why do I feel like there's something I'm supposed to know?"
  • 'Are you sure, because your face shows you're worried?' I cupped my hands around his face and looked him in the eyes.
  • Whenever you look at me like that, Johan, it really turns me on.' He said this while still smiling at me.
  • 'Don't try to change the subject, Haru, what's the matter?' I know him well, and when he's like this, he always tries to change the subject and say something else. I'm having a bad feeling about this.
  • 'Can we...discuss this later?' he asked, staring at me. 'Please?' He begged me to listen to him. I nodded in agreement. 'Okay?' We began walking silently down the road. Then he asked, 'How is your mother doing now?' We kept walking, and then I said. 'She's fine, it's just...,' I hestiated. Then I shook my head to clear my mind of any negative thoughts. 'I can only hope for the best, she's getting married?' I informed him.
  • 'What?' he asked, surprised. 'I'm not sure why you're telling me this now.' He stated.
  • 'I could have told you, but you were too busy.' I didn't want to bother you, did I?' I elaborated.
  • It's not a diversion. It's good news, Johan,' he laughed as he tapped me on the shoulder, then frowned at me. 'You don't seem happy, do you?' He inquired. I turned to face him and said. 'I'm content; at the very least, she has found happiness in her life.' But it's been years, like since I was born. So I'm hoping her marriage will last, but...,' I lowered my gaze to the ground, both hands on my pockets. 'However, what?' He inquired, perplexed. 'I don't like this man; something about him doesn't feel right.' I stated.
  • 'Have you discussed this with your mother?' He inquired.
  • 'I did, but she just said, 'Don't worry, Johan.' He's a very nice guy, and once you get to know him, you'll like him. she says?' I mimicked and rolled my eyes like my mother. 'Stop laughing, Haru,' I exclaimed, when I noticed he has started laughing. 'She's such a love sick fool,' I groaned.
  • 'Hey, don't talk about your mother that way,' he said, but as soon as he said it. He burst out laughing again and collapsed on the ground. What's so funny that he's laughing so hard? 'Haru, stop laughing?' I asked. 'Come on, what's the big deal?' When I saw that he wasn't stopping, I became irritated and began walking away, leaving him to laugh his head off. But I liked how he was laughing.
  • It made me happy because he had been sad for a while, but seeing him laugh now made me happy.
  • 'Wait a minute?' He yelled and dashed after me.
  • 'You didn't have to leave like that, babe,' he said, still gasping for air. 'And you didn't have to laugh so hard that you couldn't stop laughing.' I grumbled, pretending that what he was doing was bothering me. 'Come on, you were so amusing with that face you were making that I didn't have a choice.' 'I couldn't stop myself, you know,' he admitted, still holding back his laughter. I sighed, what could I do, he'll still laugh. 'It's getting late; could you please escort me home?' I inquired. 'No problem, babe,' he said with a smile.
  • He kissed me and wished me a good night after escorting me home.
  • 'Do you know how much I love you, babe?' Why was he hugging me, he whispered on my hair. 'Always and forever remember, Johan, that I will never stop loving you?' He hugged me so tightly, as if it were the last time I'd ever see him.
  • 'I love you as well, Haru, and I will remember that forever.' I said this while kissing him on the neck. I still have a bad feeling about this; he said we could talk later, but perhaps I should just give him some time to tell me about it. After that, he waved at me and exited through my gate, which I had closed.
  • Johan Smith is my name. I'm 17 years old, with a younger sister and a best friend named Jack. I've always been who I am.
  • My other best friend's name is Ava, and my girlfriend's name is Charlotte. These are people who meant a lot to me before I met Haru.
  • Okay, I understand what you're thinking. I'm a fucking and worthless cheater. That I am deserving of death right now. I'm a scumbag and a faggot.
  • Yes, Charlotte is my girlfriend. She has always been there for me; we met in kindergarten, went through middle school, and then high school together, and Jack was a part of it all. We first met Ava when we were in high school together. She was always on her own and did things her way. She had no friends, but participating in club activities or sports brought us together because she was good at them and always taught me how to do them.
  • And that's when we became friends, like bestfriends, and that's when Charlotte and Ava reconciled their feud because Charlotte suspected me of cheating on her with Ava. So, once the misunderstanding was resolved. Despite this, they all became best friends, including Jack and me. Every day, including Sundays, we were having a good time. We're having a good time as a group of four. But there are times when I feel something is missing, both in me and in Charlotte. Our relationship was peaceful and calm, but something was missing, and I couldn't figure out what it was.
  • But everything was fine until I met Haru. On Monday morning, when we first arrived at school. We noticed people giggling and whispering to one another. So, when we arrived at class.
  • saw a beautiful boy, yes, I will call him beautiful because he was so beautiful, stunning. For a brief moment, I was moved. I've never felt this strongly about anyone before. This feeling was strong, and I just stared at him, as if struck by love.
  • 'Hi?' He smiled cheerfully, and then everyone burst inside the classroom, surrounding him and asking him a slew of questions.' He was treated as if he were a celebrity. Even Ava approached him to get a better look at him, as did my girlfriend. He was like a foreigner in America, so it was unusual to meet someone like this. I discovered he was Japanese. That's why I noticed his accent was different. Jack and I just stood at the front of the room, watching what was going on.
  • I also find out that his name is Haru. He was six to seven feet tall, blonde hair falling down his eyes, light brown eyes, kind of muscular, white smooth skin and red lips. His eyelashes were a bit long though. He was pretty, for a boy. I don't know what is wrong with me nowadays, I tried to block out these sexual stupid thoughts about him. But he's so hot. I shook my head. *No, he's a guy and not a girl Johan* I told myself repeatedly.
  • My heart and body, on the other hand, were not listening. We were talking before I knew it, and Jack, being the type to throw a party, invited him. He agreed.
  • The following day, around 8 p.m., we arrived at the party. He was present and engaged in conversation with the others. Jack abandoned me and went in search of some girl, while Ava was talking to some guy I had no idea about, and Charlotte decided to use the restroom. I was walking down the hall when I noticed someone pulling me towards the darkness. And kissed me, the person's mouth was so warm. Then I remembered that I was kissing, someone I didn't know. And I pushed the person away to see who it was. It was Haru, I noticed. And he was fucking drunk, and that kiss felt incredible. His lips and cheeks were both flushed.