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Chapter 6 What A Hectic Day(Liam's Pov)

  • This is a really hectic day. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. I have to rush to Dave's school to pick him up. I was going quickly, very quickly, examining the black little watch on my wrist when I realized I couldn't walk as quickly as I had hoped and time was running out. So I took to the streets instead. What a dreadful day. Elena had the option of picking Dave from school. Instead, she thrust the job at me; nonetheless, I recognize that the work she is doing is not simple. But she should at least understand that I have a fucking part-time job in an hour and will be fired if I'm even a minute late. I'm going to lose my job. When I arrived at the school, I noticed Mrs Rose sitting in the school compound with Dave.
  • I strolled into the school grounds and towards where they were sitting. Mrs Rose saw me as soon as she saw me.
  • 'Are you late, Mr Liam?' She stared at me with her arms crossed across her chest. She can be annoying at times, but she's a kind person.
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