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Chapter 2 Oh Shit(Part Two)

  • "Sir, do you want me to call Storm again to see if he's in the office?' The secretary said this while holding the files in her folded arms. Her blonde hair was pulled back into bun. She has a slender face, is attractive and she is also a little curvaceous. Her nails were also red, and she had smooth skin with red lipstick on her lips.
  • Standing very still in front of her boss, waiting for instructions.
  • 'Yes, give him a ring to see whether he's still at work.' Richard said, his voice hushed. 'Yes, Sir?' The secretary named Elina gave her response.
  • Storm had always been a favourite of Richard's, not tha the didn't care for his other sons. He adored them as well.
  • Richard was fifty-six years old. He was observant, kind, and rigous at times, and he was also brilliant. He was a man with a few white hairs on his head, a good looking man with a hint of red in his lips, and a muscular physique with a bulging stomach. Even though he was six feet tall, everyone adored him, and he was every woman's ideal man. After all, he was still attractive. He was a multimillionaire who was married and had four boys. They attended some of the world's greatest college. He married Clara, a wealthy woman from a wealthy family, but they never fell in love, despite the fact that she gave him two boys.
  • Storm was his ex-girlfriend Lucy's son, and Leo was another boy he adopted from his bestfriend. He missed her so much, God knows how much he adores her; if he ever sees her again, he will marry her without hesitation. Even though he was married, She was the love of his life. Lucy is still part of him.
  • 'Sir I received a call from his secretary, who informed me that he is currently in the office.' While placing her phone into her pocket, Elina explained to Richard. He rose from his leather armchair and began strolling towards the entrance. He was dressed in million-dollar black suit with a white necktie.
  • 'Let's pay him a visit,' says Richard. As he walks out the door, smiling.
  • 'Yes, sir.' Elina replies.
  • Richard exited the building, waving to a crowd of people who were shouting, greeting him and bending down in front of him. Richard had a lot of admirers due to his personality and his good deeds, but he also has a lot of foes.
  • Richard climbed into his car, and told the driver to take him to storm's firm. Despite the fact that it is storm's firm, he still owns it.
  • When he arrived at the company, there was a lot of paved path for him to walk through, and the majority of them greeted him. He entered the elevator with his assistance Elina, who pressed the button to the floor where storm's office is located.
  • He rang the electric bell, when he arrived at the office to let storm know he was there. The door was unlocked by his secretary. 'Good afternoon, and welcome, Mr Richard. Would you kindly take a seat, Mr storm is coming?' She was courteous in her response. She was also petite and lovely with well-proportioned legs. Smooth skin and blonde hair in a ponytail she has a big breast and she's very curvaceous. He took a seat across from his son's chair and pondered. *This lady is not only attractive but also well-mannered. If storm can meet and marry someone like this. It will be worthwhile.
  • Storm then came in, sat down, and smiled at his father.
  • He grinned and said, "Welcome father." He said. 'I'm curious as to what brought you to my office'.
  • He came up with the question.
  • 'Are you chasing me away? Can't I come here and visit my son?' He joked.
  • 'Father, no. I'm not trying to chase you away; I'm just curious to why you are here now.' He chuckled. Storm was perplexed as to why his father had come here,' there wasn't any sort of issue at work. And if the old man wants to pay him a visit, he does it at his home rather than his office. There must be a purpose for him to come here, and it appears to be grave.
  • 'Well, you shouldn't be surprised,' I'm your father and the owner of this company, so I'm free to come in whenever I want?' He expressed his thoughts.
  • He nodded and said, 'You're right, Father.' Still smiling.
  • He laughed and said, 'Of course, I'm correct.'
  • 'How's business going?' He inquired.
  • 'Everything is fine, the company is doing well?' He replied with his arms folded over the table, while he shrugged and smiled.
  • 'Okay?' He got serious and remarked as he folded his left leg across his right leg. 'I want you to find yourself a woman and get married,' His father dropped the bombshell.
  • Storm was dumbfounded.
  • 'To whom,' He inquired whether he was marrying a woman or a man, as storm put it. His father, on the other hand, mistook him for enquiring about the identity of the woman he was about to marry.
  • 'It's sofia, Mr Kim's daughter. Who studied overseas, earned a degree, and is currently employed. Well behaved and well trained at home?' His father explained.
  • He knew this was going to happen, but he didn't think it will happen so soon.
  • His father continued gushing about the girl he was going to marry and how wonderful a wife she would make for him.
  • He kept watching, unsure what his father was thinking before bringing up this topic.
  • Richard remarked, 'She's a good girl, son.' He was quite concerned about his son. He's not sure if he's making the best choice for Storm. He does not want him to be forced into marrying someone he does not love as his father did to him. He does not want his offspring to marry for the sake of following in his footsteps. Both of his sons have married the woman they adore. Henry has no children, whereas Jasper has three, two girls and a boy.
  • He raised Storm along with his other children and makes certain that he has all requires. Storm makes him feel as if he's staring at Lucy whenever he sees him, which is one of the reasons he adores him so much. Storm was always a happy, fun, and friendly child back then, but this changed when he graduated from high school. He got less cheery and began to isolate himself. He was unusually gentle and calm. He inquired as to what was wrong with him, but storm assured him that nothing was wrong and that he was fine. He tried to cheer him up by taking him to various locations such as the amusement Park and shopping, but he remained unmoved. He brought his favourite items, and Storm declared that he despised them.
  • He tried everything he could to cheer him up and figure out what was wrong with him, but Storm maintained he was OK. His wife, on the other hand, was not helping matters,' rather, she was putting salt on the wound. He decided to send Storm to study in another country, hoping that a change of scenery might benefit him. But when he returned, he was still the same, if not worse. But, in order to please him, he gave him his company, but everything was still the same. It was like, nothing pleases him anymore. Yet What interested Richard was the fact that Storm was in charge of the company and making more money, but he was harsh and fired any employees who made a minor error.
  • Richard saw and heard everything, but he remained silent and claimed not to hear anything