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Chapter 8

  • I finished quickly and headed to the second floor to see what kind of information did Leo get.
  • I didn’t forget what happened yesterday, even though I look composed and calm, but deep inside I was seething. I can’t believe something like that happened in my club, to my Ariel. My Ariel?!
  • Since when did I consider her mine?
  • Since you gave her your necklace and marked her as yours ... I still don’t get it. Why did I do that? It’s like another me did that. I snorted. It’s true. It’s the other you alright, the beast inside you wanted her and when it wants anything, it just gets it. But why her? She’s eighteen, for God’s sake! Does it matter? She’s your woman now. Your beast claimed her as his... as yours.
  • My beast.....
  • Cerberus.......
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