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Chapter 12

  • When we arrived at the mansion, Ariel was a little calmer. I know she was shocked; she felt betrayed by her closest friends. But still, I can’t wipe the triumphant glow deep inside me; yes I was happy not because she got her heartbroken. But because now she knew the truth about that Jap bastard, the way he looked at her and how he treated her as if she belonged to him was getting under my skin.
  • I was this close to lose control and kill him and screw the consequences. Ariel is mine and I will be damned if I let that boy take her from me. It doesn’t matter if she loved him or not; it doesn’t matter if she wanted to be with him; it doesn’t fucking matter if she doesn’t love me. All that mattered was she belonged to me.
  • At that moment I had only one thought: eliminate the threat, protect what is yours, yes at that moment I was the beast everyone claimed........ No everyone knew that I was.
  • I helped her out of the car and into the mansion. Leo was there waiting for us. When she saw him, she hurried, taking big steps, eating the distance between us.
  • “How is Jason? Is he ok?” he hugged her then checked every part of her body with his eyes before replying.
  • “He is ok. When he woke, I gave him something for the pain and he is sleeping now in my room. You can check on him tomorrow, are you ok? He didn’t hurt you, did he?” his eyes narrowed with forbidden anger, between the two of us Leonidas looked the easy-going on, the calmer, but the truth is keeping his anger always hidden inside and under control took its toll on him. That’s why if Leo got angry, you better run.
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