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Chapter 24

  • I woke with a start. Someone was pounding on the door like there was a fire somewhere close. Gabriel grumbled all the way to answer it. He rarely sleeps and when that happens, he likes to wake by himself, not like this.
  • He would be in a foul mood all day. I snickered; a pouting Gabriel is something worth all of this headache I’m getting right now. I yawned and stretched my body, loving the way the breeze caressed my naked flesh.
  • We have been used to go to bed like this, after some rough, playful nights and it became our routine so far. These few days have been my best since mom has left. It has been a full month now and we talk mostly every night, but she has been busy with her course and the work she could do alongside, but I’m happy for her.
  • Last night, she looked happy and radiant, even though I can clearly see how tired she was. Finally, she was able to do something for herself and I’m not an obstacle which I was through my existence in her life. I’m her burden without meaning to.
  • Michael’s unsure voice made me sober from my deep thoughts. I put on a rose silk robe and joined them beside the door; he gave me a sad look and refused to meet my eyes.
  • “Speak Michael, what kind of news are you talking about?” Gabriel’s fed-up voice was sharp like a knife. I slipped my hands around his waist and looked at the sweaty doctor expectantly.
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