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Chapter 11

  • I was so happy today. My heart felt light and carefree. The old couple's celebration was a joyful event and a hopeful one too. It gave me hope that maybe one day I will be lucky to have that kind of love. The love that goes beyond age, time and whatever life might throw at you. The two looked so much in love, even though it has been years and years.
  • Even though one of them sometimes forgot the other, still their love didn’t change or fade away. And also today, for the first time, I sang in front of people I knew, yes we are not that acquainted, but still, I did something out of my comfort zone.
  • I took the books that were left on the tables with a huff. Some people don’t have the decency to return them back to the shelves. We are not your slaves here.
  • I sorted them out and put everything in the right place, but when I was about to return to the tables again, I was pushed back harshly towards one of the shelves.
  • “Ouch, what the hell.” I didn’t finish my complaint. I was turned around roughly, then pushed again, and behold, there is an asshole in front of me.
  • “What the hell Nils? Why did you do that? What is your problem?” The asshole sneered, getting his face right in front of mine.
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