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Chapter 10

  • After I made sure that Ariel was safe at her home and there was no one lurking around it, I headed back to the mansion. I have some serious interrogation to do; I need to know who was that asshole harassing my Ariel and why he chose her from all the girls in the club. I mean I get it; she was so beautiful in her innocent way, so vibrant and so alive.
  • Every soul in that club noticed her even, me, the coldest asshole. There, her heat and light draw me like a moth to the flames, but still why, especially her. There were so many women there ready to go for a one-night stand.
  • I pinched the bridge of my nose and got out of the car. Everyone was busy doing their job, and as usual, Theo and Leo were waiting for me in my office.
  • “So your girl is safe at home?” the smugness of Leo’s face irritated me.
  • I ignored him as usual and faced my third after sitting behind my desk.
  • “He till refuses to talk.“ I asked with a calm voice, unlike the storm that was raging inside me.
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