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Chapter 27

  • I put my arm above my head and closed my eyes. I was exhausted and tired, but for the past few days I didn’t sleep a wink. I couldn’t.
  • After seeing Ariel fall apart right in front of my eyes, my heart broke and there was a big hole in my chest. With all the money and influence I have, I could do nothing.
  • I can’t bring back the dead. I wish that she could wake up from this nightmare and tell me what to do.
  • I miss her voice, her smile, and her warmth. I miss having her between my arms. I miss my little one, like air, and I’m terrified that I will never get her back.
  • I gritted my teeth and suppressed a curse; the place was full and because today is a weekend everyone was here in the den.
  • I knew I should have gone to my apartment and stayed away from all of this racket, but I didn’t want to be alone.
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