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Chapter 7

  • I groaned and closed my eyes tighter to block the light; I tried to use my arm as a shield, but I couldn’t. There was something heavy preventing me from moving. I groaned again, annoyed, but then I felt the little movement of a warm body next to me. Opening my eyes slowly, I looked down at that warm body. It was her, Ariel.
  • She was sleeping peacefully snuggled at my side. Half of her body was above mine, her right arm around my torso, her right leg between my long legs, my right arm holding her tightly closer to my body.
  • I used my left hand to brush some curls away to be able to see her beautiful face; she sighed and snuggled even closer. I smiled and searched for my alarm clock to check the time.
  • 09:00 Am! I slept more than 8 hours?! That’s a first. I looked back at Ariel’s serene face again and remembered yesterday’s events.
  • It was a hectic day, no doubt.
  • After coming back from the Vegas meeting, I was discussing the new security details with Theo and Leo and all of a sudden, Jacob and Tyler entered my office pale and nervous.
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