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Chapter 63 62

  • The feel of her tight, warm wet folds around my stiff cock made me moan in pleasure.
  • “Fuck yes.” I looked at her, stark naked, dark eyes staring back at me. My hips flexed of their own will, sending my hard cock even deeper into her heat. My hand encircled around her slender waist, pulling my cock out slowly, and then she began to slide it slowly in, rolling her lips teasingly.
  • She bit the bottom of her lip to stifle her moan. She failed anyway. I cupped her full round tits with my hands and sat up to suck her small bud nipple into my mouth, circling with my tongue. The sound of her moan was like music to my ears.
  • “Percie.” She arched into my mouth, asking for more. I tugged and bit her nipple with my teeth, causing her to gasp. I did it again, sucking alternately.
  • Something about how she called my name in pleasure made me hungrier. I flipped her over on her back. She laid there with her big dark eyes, staring back at me, wild hair spreading all over my pillow. Her skin gleamed in the low light.
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