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Chapter 40 39

  • We arrived at the old warehouse where the party was held. It was crowded that we could barely make it to see their stupid game. Two students were assigned to record the game. The crowd started laughing when one of the jocks asked an overweight student who looked so drunk. If he wasn’t tied, he might have fallen off the chair. 
  • Anger raged beneath my skin as I noticed Remy was one of the jocks, and he seemed not enjoying the way they treated the poor guy. But if what Victoria and Megan had told me was true, their parents were elite club members. That was how they became buddies. And it seemed that he didn’t have a choice but to be a part of this, or he would look weak, and he would be the target of these stupid rich kids.
  • “Where’s Lexie?” I asked Megan. I couldn’t call Percie. He needed his undivided attention in searching for Lexie. Once he knew I came over to help, he would just be mad at me. 
  • “Percie hasn’t still called.”
  • “Why don’t you call him? He might answer you.”
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