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Chapter 47 46

  • After that accident, it took me a while to drive a car. Honestly, I was busy trying to kill myself. If it wasn’t for Emma, I might not be able to do it again, but she kept reminding me that it was not my fault. 
  • When Remy patted my back and said drive safely, he reminded me of her.
  • I followed him back to school and parked the car beside his. I was still checking my message when someone was shouting outside. My stomach tightened as soon as I recognized that voice.
  • “Seriously? This fucking sister killer? This is how you spent your free time. You so went too low, Rem.” It was Adrian. He was glaring at Remy. He looked like he just came out of bed with tousled blond hair and bloodshot eyes. He must have been drinking. He was a mess. “And hey, you asshole! Your girlfriend will pay for what she did to me!”
  • My anger combusted in my chest. Before I could say something, Remy grabbed a hold of my arm. “He’s drunk.”
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