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Chapter 13 12

  • My classes ended, and I still found no message from Hailey. I rechecked it. Nada. 
  • I walked to the bench where I found her before. Then there she was. She was talking to someone, and that someone just made my blood boil. 
  • I strode in their direction at a long pace. Before I could get closer, Cassie saw me first.
  • “Hey, Percie. Meet my new friend. We have classes together. Hailey—” 
  • I cut her off and grabbed her away from Hailey. “Stay away from her, Cassie.” I didn’t think it was a coincidence. “I don’t wanna see you talking to her again. You can’t be her friend. That’s impossible. Someone like you who doesn’t have the same interest as hers can’t ever be her friend. You two are like night and day. You can’t fool me, Cassie.” 
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