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Chapter 43 42

  • It was amazing! 
  • I was not exhausted of some sort, but I had barely enough energy left to breathe when he drew me into his arms and never let me go. His sigh of contentment was a relief that there would be no awkward moment after sex—one of the post-sex things I heard and read in books. 
  • I let myself sag into his arms, nuzzling my nose into the crook of his neck before I closed my eyes. We stayed like that for a long while. 
  • Percie lazily trailed his fingers on my back down to my spine while I just placed my hand on his chest, feeling the rises and drops as he breathed. 
  • Things came into my mind—was there anything going to change between us? What should I say if he built back his walls? Should I pretend that I did not enjoy my first time or pretend it did not happen? And so on.
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