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Chapter 44

  • "Amma-bi, someone is on the door." Shahina murmured half-awake but didn't get any answer from the sixty-five-year-old head housemaid whom they all called 'Amma-bi'. The knock on the door didn't stop nor Shahina move from her place, she is not an early morning riser but no one knows it expects Amma-bi.
  • With a displeased face she got up from the bed, grabbed her dupatta and opened the door, "Amma-Bi, the door is unlocked. Why are y-"
  • Shahina stopped in the middle when she didn't find Amma-bi at the door. She looked outside but was unable to see a single soul.
  • Was I imagining it???
  • Scratching her head, she went back to the bed again and covers herself in the blanket again.
  • ~*~
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