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Chapter 41

  • Kanwal didn't understand what time it was when she woke up by light continues knocks on the door. Thinking it could be Mahnoor she rushed towards the door, Kanwal has become overprotective of her these days. Her extreme mood swings are getting a headache for everyone and she has no idea how to satisfy Mahnoor when he inquires about Moosa. But as Kanwal opened the door, she comes face to face with her husband instead of her friend.
  • "Ahad?"
  • "I wanted to see you."
  • A sweet indescribable feeling washed over her and she silently made way from him to come inside.
  • "Is everything alright?" Kanwal asked gently, closing the door behind him.
  • "Not really. Without you, nothing is right." He sat on the bed and stretched his hand towards her.
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