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Chapter 15

  • A strange feeling kept Kanwal restless the whole time from the Walima venue to home, yet she didn't ask the question which became the cause of this state. On the other hand, Ahad was rather enjoying himself. He was aware of Kanwal's condition but didn't try to clear her confusion. He rather liked her being in this situation. Her puzzled expressions clearly show her concerns, giving Ahad a satisfying feeling. The bitterness from this morning is completely faded because of a simple stupid comment Ahad made to irritate Yawar. He didn't think it would affect Kanwal more than its original target, but Ahad is glad.
  • He didn't approach Kanwal after coming home and Kanwal silently went to sleep after being irritated on her own restlessness.
  • "Silly girl." Ahad murmured, sitting beside her on the bed and kissed her forehead. When he pulled back, he found Kanwal looking at him.
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