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Chapter 43

  • His hands and legs were aching from being tied for days, so many days that he has lost the count. But his captors were merciful enough of not leaving him in bare ground, he was provided dried grass to use as his mattress to sleep on. He gets two times of food, water and was shown the way to the bathroom. 
  • He was imprisoned by a family of five boys and an old man, living in a shabby house. The youngest one probably was fourteen to fifteen years old, who looked after his daily need. The reason for his imprisonment was still unknown to him. He tried to ask but because of the language barrier, none of them understands what was saying. At one point he gave up trying to communicate with them. The only thing he thinks now was, how to escape this place.
  • Being a strong person of age twenty-six, Abbas feels a bit too irritated on his helpless situation. He came with Moosa as his bodyguard and the day of the incident, he was performing his duties as a driver, while three other companions were guarding Moosa. When he was parking the car in the parking area near the building, he heard the sound of a massive blast. Instinctively he jumped out of the car and ran towards the building. He stumbled upon many things, including some body parts, yet he didn't stop until reaching the burning building which was emitting heat like the fire of hell. Abbas could not see anything but black smoke, therefore he starts shouting Moosa's name until it was impossible for him to breath. He turned around to go outside before he loses consciousness but the intake of smoke didn't let him reached the exit. He collapsed on the ground and everything went blank.
  • Abbas woke up don't know after how long and found himself tied down with robe on a pile of dried grass in the same shabby house where he was still living. Worried about his leader and comrades he tried countless attempts to escape but each time he failed. The purpose of being held here was also unclear to him. His captives are definitely, not their friend and if they were, he wouldn't be spending his days tied up in a room like a prisoner but if they arent friend, will they be count in foe. He didn't know, nor does he know the way to find it out. The only thing he is capable to do is to keep on struggling until he manages to escape.
  • It was the middle of the night and the environment was silent as a graveyard. The only sound Abbas could hear was the noise of the old broken iron frame of the window, making a knocking noise whenever it hits the wall because of wind. It often annoys him to the point that he wasn't able to sleep and it was one of those nights when he was wide awake staring into space, trying not to be bothered by that annoying noise.
  • "Ya Khuda...! (Oh! God)" He got up from the floor and start walking towards the window as he will surely find a way to get rid of this sound.
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