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Chapter 10

  • Days flew by and not long after, Kanwal's ultimate academic year has arrived. She turned her full attention toward her studies like it was the only goal of her life and after graduation, she was planning to study Law.
  • After the conversation her father had that night almost a year ago to his sister, no one has brought up that topic again, at least she never heard about it. Except for the night when Maaz visited their house, after knowing about Abdul Rafay's proposal for Kanwal and to her surprise, he came to ensure Kanwal that she doesn't have to force herself because of others and that she will always have him standing by her side whenever she needs him, as a brother should be. Therefore, she calmed herself and was able to focus on her education, family, and people around her. But how could she ignore the increasing visit of Abdul Rafay's family in her house and the glances he stole of her.
  • As a person, Kanwal really respects Abdul Rafay. He is a simple, well mannered, soft-spoken and kind person, unlike super active and mischievous Ahad. Kanwal couldn't help herself from comparing both of them in every way possible. And every time she does, Abdul Rafay gets more points than Ahad. Slowly, she also starts to see that he would be a good husband but she was unable to imagine him as her husband.
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