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Chapter 9 Crying Is Useless

  • Meng Qinqin looked at Ke Beichen's back as he left and gritted her teeth with hatred. Before Ke Beichen completely disappeared, she picked up her phone and called a number, "Do it with her and release a video of it online. I doubt Ke Beichen will still want her when she's no longer clean. There's no way."
  • The sun rose. It was the day of Ke Beichen's wedding with Meng Qinqin.
  • He had already waited a long time. Since Hupo decided to leave on her own accord, he assumed an extra day wouldn't matter; she should be fine.
  • "Young Master Ke, the wedding today..."
  • "Continue as planned," Ke Beichen clenched his fists and tried his best to remain composed.
  • But, only he knew that as he spoke, his entire heart and brain was filled with Lan Hupo. He was going to look for her again after he married Meng Qinqin. She and her child both belonged to him - forever.
  • It would never change.
  • He would never allow it.
  • Onboard a freighter in the sea, two crew members rushed into a cabin. Hupo was sleeping soundly at that moment. She just had to wait until she left the country and the world would be her oyster.
  • She didn't mind giving birth to the child in her stomach, but the child would belong solely to her.
  • It no longer had anything to do with Ke Beichen.
  • "Bro, I reckon Ke Beichen kept this woman around because he wanted the child in her stomach. We can take turns sleeping with her to complete our deal with Meng Qinqin, but if she loses the child in the process and Ke Beichen looks into it, the consequences won't be fun."
  • "Go call the ship's doctor and tell him to immediately operate on her. After we take the child out and give it to Ke Beichen, we can..."
  • "Can we do it immediately after surgery?"
  • "You have no idea. That's what you call exciting. If the child wasn't Ke Beichen's, I would have already had some fun with the pregnant woman. That would have been even more exciting."
  • "That's true, her cut will be on her stomach, not down there. Hahaha."
  • Soon, Hupo woke up to find that she was tied to the four posts of a bed and her body was outstretched into an 'X' shape. In front of her, the television was broadcasting something that was not of her choice. The ship's staff had chosen to broadcast Ke Beichen and Meng Qinqin's wedding.
  • Hupo's eyes turned red as she desperately struggled to free herself, but her hands and legs were tied. All she could do was lying there like a helpless lamb as she allowed the doctor to do whatever he wanted.
  • "D-Don't touch my baby." She had already carried the child for so long, so she naturally developed feelings for it. If someone told her to roll down the stairs again now, she would not be able to do it. This was also her child.
  • "Mr. Ke told us that he only wants the child. As for you, he doesn't care if you're dead or alive," the captain of the ship said with a sleazy expression as he looked at Hupo. What an attractive young woman. Great.
  • "That's impossible. Ke Beichen would never abandon me. Let me go. If he finds out what you're doing to me, he will kill you," Hupo cried. She hadn't reached the full-term of her pregnancy yet and was scheduled for a full-term labor. She didn't want a caesarean.
  • She didn't want it.
  • "Crying is useless, Ke Beichen can't hear you. How about this? We give you one chance to call him. If he is willing to marry you, then we will let you go. Otherwise, you know what will happen."
  • Hupo's face turned pale as she bit her lip. She refused to believe that Ke Beichen would still refuse to marry her in this situation.
  • After she told the captain the phone number, the captain called the number and placed the phone up to her mouth.
  • "Hupo, is that you?" Ke Beichen's anxious voice sounded from the other end.
  • Hupo felt a lump in her throat, "Ke Beichen, I am on a freighter in the sea. They are trying to cut open my stomach. They said you wanted the child. Is that true?"
  • "Enough, just ask him if he's willing to marry you, nothing else. Otherwise, hang up right now," the captain growled beside her ear.
  • Hupo bit her lip. Before Ke Beichen said anything, she said, "Ke Beichen, if you marry me, they will let me go. If not, they will take turns r*ping me. Ke Beichen, will you marry me?"
  • Her last words were practically a plea.
  • But, she was sure that Ke Beichen heard her.