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Chapter 9 Crying Is Useless

  • Meng Qinqin looked at Ke Beichen's back as he left and gritted her teeth with hatred. Before Ke Beichen completely disappeared, she picked up her phone and called a number, "Do it with her and release a video of it online. I doubt Ke Beichen will still want her when she's no longer clean. There's no way."
  • The sun rose. It was the day of Ke Beichen's wedding with Meng Qinqin.
  • He had already waited a long time. Since Hupo decided to leave on her own accord, he assumed an extra day wouldn't matter; she should be fine.
  • "Young Master Ke, the wedding today..."
  • "Continue as planned," Ke Beichen clenched his fists and tried his best to remain composed.
  • But, only he knew that as he spoke, his entire heart and brain was filled with Lan Hupo. He was going to look for her again after he married Meng Qinqin. She and her child both belonged to him - forever.
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