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Chapter 21 Don't Think I'm Just Scaring You

  • Ke Beichen turned on the laptop he always carried and plugged in the USB stick.
  • He then played the video and pushed it over to Meng Qinqin's mother.
  • "You guys decide what to do. Within 10 minutes, either tell me where my mother is, or this video will be directly transmitted to major websites across the country. Choose from these two options."
  • Meng Qinqin's mother, Xu Lan, opened her eyes wide as she looked at Meng Qinqin in the video in disbelief, ""
  • She was in a panic, she was confused, "No..." and she continuously muttered.
  • When Ke Fengting saw the content in the video, his expression also changed, "You rascal." he lifted his walking stick and tried to hit Ke Beichen.
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