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Chapter 25 Not Dreaming

  • "Beibei?"
  • "Who's Beibei?" the secretary did not understand. Why was he suddenly talking about Beibei, a person he had never heard of before, when they were discussing business?
  • Ke Beichen touched his forehead. He was too excited. He had forgotten to explain things from the start clearly. Anyone that heard his response wouldn't have understood it.
  • With a slight smile, he said, "I met mine and Hupo's daughter, Beibei."
  • "Lan Hupo?"
  • "President, did you find Lan...I mean, the Mrs. Ke?" the secretary exclaimed happily. This was great news. The president had been icy cold for the last few years and often walked around like a zombie. As his secretary, he had also been quite helpless.
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