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Chapter 8 A Grass Planted in Love

  • Hupo did not dodge the slap. She simply allowed five red finger marks to appear on her face. “Meng Qinqin, it’s your fault for being useless. If you can make him let go of me and my family, I will disappear forever.”
  • It’s not that Hupo didn’t love the man, but she didn’t want to love him so pitifully.
  • She couldn’t afford the love that Ke Beichen gave her.
  • The slap she received from Meng Qinqin, she viewed it as a form of apology. She didn’t want to be a mistress, but Ke Beichen wouldn’t let her go.
  • Meng Qinqin trembled. If she had the ability to convince Ke Beichen, then she wouldn’t be looking for Lan Hupo at a time like this.
  • She looked at Hupo’s stomach and said, “Lan Hupo, if you really want to leave him, then make him give up once and for all.”
  • “If you can guarantee that nothing will happen to the Lan Family, then I am willing to do anything,” Hupo replied. She had already tried to abort the child, but Ke Beichen forced her to do what he wanted.
  • She was like a lamb in the palm of his hands, unable to escape.
  • “OK, I guarantee that the Lan Family will be fine. Immediately leave,” Meng Qinqin said between gritted teeth. She refused to believe that Lan Hupo and Ke Beichen were inseparable.
  • So what if she did something to Lan Hupo? Ke Beichen had to marry her in the end.
  • Ke Beichen had told her that it didn’t matter if he had another woman on the outside. The other woman would only be her shadow; something that could never be brought into the light.
  • So, didn’t that mean that Lan Hupo was merely just a baby-making machine for him?
  • Finally, Hupo left the villa.
  • This time, Meng Qinqin was the one that helped her.
  • And, this time, no one dared to stop her. Not even the housekeeper nor the security guards.
  • All because the woman that let her go was the fiancee of Ke Beichen; the fiancee that he was about to get married to.
  • By the time that Ke Beichen returned, she was already gone and the villa was empty. Lan Hupo had completely disappeared without a trace.
  • The housekeeper and security guards kneeled for an entire day, but Ke Beichen did not allow them to get back up. As he drank wine, he looked through photos of Hupo on his phone; each one was a photo of his most beloved.
  • Wasn’t the love he gave her better than a grave-like marriage?
  • If he was in her position, he would choose love over marriage.
  • In this world, love was the most beautiful and marriage wasn’t where a person belonged forever.
  • He was like a grass planted in love, only able to grow when allowed to sway with the wind.
  • In the end, his phone remained quiet for an entire day.
  • Not a single person that he had sent out returned with any news of Lan Hupo nor the child in her stomach.
  • She was about to give birth in a month and a half. Was she still planning not to have it?
  • Ke Beichen suddenly stood up, picked up his car keys and headed over to Meng Qinqin’s apartment.
  • The door opened. The apartment was filled with the scent of cooking and on the dining table were the exact same dishes that Lan Hupo brought to Dynasty Restaurant the day that he was having dinner with Meng Qinqin.
  • Fish rolls in tomato sauce, braised chicken wings in red wine, sweet and sour pork ribs, and sliced beef with ox tongue in chili sauce.
  • “Beichen, you’re back,” Meng Qinqin said as she approached the man. These were all dishes that Lan Hupo had taught her. Lan Hupo told her that these were Ke Beichen’s favorite dishes and he always ate it all.
  • “Where’s Lan Hupo? Where are you hiding her? Meng Qinqin, if anything is to happen to Hupo, I will make you pay for it,” Ke Beichen’s voice was ruthless without a trace of love.
  • Meng Qinqin trembled a little. She realized that Ke Beichen would never let her go if he found out what she had done to Lan Hupo.
  • So, she bit her lip and tried to calm herself down, “She went overseas.”
  • “Which country did she go to?”
  • Meng Qinqin shrugged; even if she knew where Lan Hupo went, she would say that she didn’t know. “She made me give her a sum of money. I’m assuming she went somewhere in south-east Asia. As long as she can sign a visa on arrival, she can go wherever she wants. Ke Beichen, all she wants is freedom. If you want a child, I can also give you one. Don’t forget, tomorrow is the day of our wedding.”
  • Ke Beichen pushed Meng Qinqin away, “You best wish that nothing happened to her. Otherwise, you know what will happen.”
  • After he finished speaking, Ke Beichen turned and left.