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Chapter 43 He Did It on Purpose

  • "Mommy..." Just as they were about to reach the woman, the child suddenly let go of Ke Beichen's hand and sprinted to the door. She then opened the glass doors and ran towards Lan Hupo.
  • Hupo spread her arms and carried Beibei in her arms. She then placed a kiss on her little cheek, "You're not allowed next time."
  • "I know," the little child said as she stuck out her tongue. She then looked at Ke Beichen and said, "I'll see you tomorrow, Daddy."
  • The child's words caused Hupo to also turn around. As she looked at Ke Beichen, she didn't know what to say. Like that, the two stood in front of the doors on a busy footpath, staring at each other.
  • Lan Beibei looked at Lan Hupo, then at Ke Beichen. She couldn't understand what was going on in the adult world.
  • After some time, the beep from a car finally woke Hupo from her daze. She bit her lip, carried Beibei, and turned around to leave, "Thank you for taking care of Beibei for me."
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