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Chapter 4 A Person That Does What He Says

  • Hupo hung up the phone and sat on the bed in a daze.
  • A few minutes later, her phone rang.
  • ““Lan Hupo, if the child dies, I will send the entire Lan Family to the grave with it.”
  • Hupo closed her eyes and lay down.
  • That night, she did not eat nor sleep. She simply sat quietly in a forgotten corner of the world and consoled herself.
  • The next day, Ke Beichen lived up to his words and the Lan Family’s stocks continued to drop.
  • “Lan Hupo, your father’s in hospital. If you still have a heart, you should go settle with Ke Beichen. If not, then jump off the rooftop; the Lan Family has never had a daughter like you who attracts a wolf into the home.” As soon as Jiang Lan finished speaking, she immediately hung up the phone.
  • Hupo visited the hospital and looked at her father from a distance. Her father had lost a lot of weight.
  • Jiang Lan sat beside him crying secretly.
  • Hupo turned around and staggered out of the hospital, but she did not call a taxi. Instead, she walked one step at a time towards Ke Beichen’s villa.
  • At first, a Lamborghini followed from a decent distance, but when Ke Beichen saw Hupo swaying from side-to-side, he immediately stepped on the accelerator and stopped beside her, “Lan Hupo, get in.”
  • Hupo turned around and boarded the car lifelessly like a zombie. She then sat down without a sound.
  • Ke Beichen drove her to his villa and said coldly, “If something happens to you and the child, your father won’t be sent to the hospital next time, he will be sent to the morgue.”
  • After speaking, Ke Beichen turned around and left.
  • Hupo smiled slightly. He wasn’t the only one that hated seeing her like this. Even she hated herself and was disgusted by it.
  • Three years ago, she thought her existence in this world was pointless.
  • That was until she met him. He brought her warmth like the sun and finally heated up her ice-cold heart.
  • But now, he was also the person that reverted her back to who she originally was.
  • “Miss Lan, food’s ready. Mr. Ke selected a menu that’s perfect for pregnant women. Eat a bit more so we can fulfill our duty.”
  • Hupo took one bite after another, but the food tasted like wax. In fact, she didn’t even know what she was eating.
  • She was simply completing a mission.
  • As she put down her chopsticks, she heard the housekeeper say excitedly to Ke Beichen, “Mr. Ke, Miss Lan finished one bowl of rice and she almost finished all the dishes. You have no reason to worry.”
  • Hupo stood up and returned to her bedroom. That’s when she noticed a stack of books sitting on the headboard of her bed. They were all parenting books. She randomly picked one up, but held it upside-down. She couldn’t process a word.
  • All she could think about was her father lying on a hospital bed.
  • The next day, the Lan Family’s stocks would rise again.
  • Ke Beichen was a person that did what he said.
  • Hupo slept.
  • Her lips were slightly soft and cold.
  • In the darkness, she slowly opened her eyes and sensed a familiar man’s breaths on her body. It was Ke Beichen.
  • He kissed her. A kiss like this on a quiet night, had no feelings of desire. He just wanted to hold her in his embrace, but it only caused him to suppress all desires.
  • His way of treasuring her, made her feel like she was being taken advantage of.
  • He held onto her and lay her down, but she could no longer sense the warmth she once felt in his arms.
  • “Hupo, be good. I will spoil you for the rest of my life.”
  • As she listened to him murmur beside her ear, there was a sourness in her eyes. She was a human, not a pet. She didn’t need to be spoiled. Did he understand this?
  • Two streams of tears rolled down her face. Her cheeks were wet, her clothes were wet, and her heart was wet.