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Chapter 11 Implicating You

  • "Beichen, it was Mom's fault. It was Mom's fault for marrying a monster and implicating you."
  • "Beichen, I keep feeling like something bad is going to happen. If I'm no longer around one day, you need to take good care of yourself."
  • "Beichen, Mom remembers that fish rolls in tomato sauce is your favorite dish, as well as braised chicken wings in red wine, sweet and sour pork ribs, and sliced beef with ox tongue in chili sauce. I'll write down the recipe. One day, a woman that loves you will cook it for you."
  • "Mom...I need to give up on you this time. I’m sorry," Ke Beichen yelled. After that, he immediately left the smiling Meng Qinqin who had just finished arguing with him and rushed towards his wedding car.
  • He knew he simply had to marry Meng Qinqin and the old man would release his mother to him.
  • He never wanted the Ke Family's assets, and he just wanted his mother.
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